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Rational Gluten Free Entremets Course


More than 15 rational desserts, more than 60 gluten-free recipes!

Reproduce my recipes or develop your own recipes inspired by the recipes presented!

Simple, good and effective recipes, tested and approved, that you just have to put in place in your shop!

In fine pastry shops and on the internet, the dessert is king!

When we imagine a dessert, the question of how it is made in the company is essential:

Is this creation feasible in large quantities and in a rational way in a laboratory?

alone or in a team?

A “rational” dessert has fewer elements than a classic dessert, it has 3 or 4 elements (biscuit, insert, mousse…) but no more, rational in its elements, it must be in its assembly during which we will try to reduce the number of movements as much as possible in order to save time and thus reduce the production cost.

If the dessert is rational, it must not appear “cheap” to the customers, it must look as good and offer a tasting experience that meets the customers’ expectations.

How can we adapt a recipe to make it “rational”?

This is what we will see in this course for which I have developed about fifteen innovative recipes of rational desserts in order to develop your imagination and thus allow you to create your own recipes!

On the menu:
  • 20 pages of lessons on creams and foams
  • About fifteen recipes for rational desserts
  • Simple, good and effective recipes, just to put in place in the shop!

English, French, Spanish


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