French modern viennoiserie Ebook


More than 25 pastries, more than 50 recipes!

Reproduce my recipes or develop your own recipes based on the recipes presented!

Vinnoiserie is an art in which creation is too little highlighted, in most shops, only croissants, pains au chocolat (or chocolatine), raisins and a few brioches take pride of place.

However, in recent years, the viennoiserie has started to attract more and more people, in part thanks to its strong success on social networks, customers are therefore more and more fond of original pastries but it is still quite complicated to find new recipes.

For a course given to my students in the Brevet de Maîtrise Pâtisserie (the highest diploma in pastry making), I developed about twenty innovative pastry recipes in order to develop their imagination and thus allow them in turn to create their recipes. of pastries.

On the menu :

  • 20 course pages on pastry, yeast and puff pastry
  • More than 25 different pastries
  • A wide variety of recipes (viennoiserie garnished before or after baking, cooked creams, cookies, various inserts …)

Now this is your turn to create your modern croissant recipe !


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