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Ebook – French Gouters and Travel Cakes course


More than 40 snacks and travel cakes, more than 75 recipes !

Reproduce my recipes or develop your own recipes inspired by the recipes presented !

A travel cake is a product that can be stored at room temperature, and can therefore be stored without a refrigerator.

Travel cakes can be very varied (soft, dry, coated …) But it is their method of preservation that brings them together.

Biscuit making is an art in which creation is not given enough prominence, in most shops, only a few often classic cakes (lemon, candied fruit, marbled …) take pride of place, whereas there is so much to do!

However, in recent years, cakes and travel cakes have started to attract more and more people, partly thanks to its strong success on social networks, so customers are more and more fond of original recipes but it remains quite complicated to find new ones.

For a course given to my students in Brevet de Maîtrise Pâtisserie (the highest diploma in pastry making), I developed about forty innovative travel cake recipes in order to develop their imagination and thus enable them in turn to create their own viennoiserie recipes.

On the menu :

  • 20 pages of lessons on travel cakes, crumbly doughs and beaten doughs (cake dough, sponge cake, madeleine …)
  • More than 40 different recipes for travel cakes
  • A wide variety of recipes based on shortbread dough (BN artisanal, pumpkin pie, cookies …), filled cakes, rational cakes, regional specialties (Basque cake, crushed Poitou, Bordeaux cannelé …), savoury cakes (Savoyard, vegetarian …), artisanal recipes of the classics of the industrial biscuit factory (napolitains, kinder délices, snickers …)


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