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Basic + Advanced pastry theory courses


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Find here all the courses I wrote for my Basic pastry theory courses grouped with those of the Avdanced pastry theory courses !


Learn pastry theory from the basics and push your knowledge further with advanced courses ! From the composition, to the role of each ingredient in order to understand how your recipes work and then create your own basic recipes and create your own pastries!


Very complete courses focused on understanding the recipes, the different ingredients and their characteristics. The courses have been freshly revised, corrected, enriched and illustrated, and now benefit from a new, clearer layout, so that you can learn more easily!


On the programme : More than 50 pastry courses!


Access a complete version of more than 1,250 slides dedicated to applied technology (flour, dairy products, additives, eggs, chocolate, ice cream, confectionery, fats, sweeteners, gelling agents, etc.) and recipe creation (taste construction, flavour association, construction of a dessert and decoration of a dessert).


Through these pages of courses are summarized more than 10 years of knowledge of pastry and knowledge from rare foreign books.


Beware, this is not a recipe book, you will only find a few recipes.


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