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Applied arts course BTM Pastry


Discover the courses I wrote for my students in BTM Pâtisserie !

Find 24 illustrated courses, on nearly 500 pages addressing many topics such as:

  • Manufacture of a PVC mould for an artistic piece
  • Making a gelatin mould
  • Color contrasts
  • Color harmonies
  • Shapes and textures
  • Artistic identity
  • The evolution of visuals in pastry
  • Many arts and artistic trends (surrealism, minimalism, street art, architecture, sculpture … )


Discover the secret of the most beautiful pastry decorations, association of colors, shapes, textures will have no more secrets for you!



Hello to all and welcome to my applied arts classes! Although I’m not very old yet (although I’ve never been as old as I am today), I’ve already had the opportunity to teach many subjects during my various professional experiences, not that I’m a genius mastering many subjects but rather for the sake of economy, I’ve been entrusted with some courses such as applied art, quite funny to teach applied art when you can’t draw!

Not knowing how to draw I was faced with a problem in giving art lessons, however I was already passionate about art since my adulthood and this passion has greatly influenced my lessons.

I have therefore chosen to create courses to bring new sources of inspiration to students through more theoretical courses (colors, contrasts, pictorial composition …) to allow them to build their decorations in a more “artistic” way but also courses on different arts or artistic currents that can expand their surroundings and inspire new decorations (minimalism, surrealism, street art …) …

With a little hindsight, I realized that the fact of having done all this research and having written these courses has completely changed my way of seeing the artistic part of pastry making, I no longer see the shapes, the colors, the different contrasts and harmonies in the same way, these courses have had a real influence (sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious) on my way of thinking about the decoration of my pastries.

The advantage of having a pastry chef write these courses is that in the choice of subjects, scenarios and examples chosen, it is much easier to tackle certain subjects because, unlike a teacher specialising in this subject, I have only written this course for pastry chefs, a profession I know and have experience of in shops and in the hotel/restaurant industry. My knowledge is therefore more “specialised” and the choice of courses is affected by this.


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