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My Tiramisu

Hello to all! How are you? I’m doing very well, I’m making good progress on new projects, I’ll keep you posted soon! To begin with, I would like to wish a happy birthday to all the mothers and mothers-to-be and first of all to mine!

Today I share with you my recipe for Tiramisu which is a cake I don’t like at first! Not being a big fan of coffee (I like the taste but it is often too strong for me) I am not a big fan of tiramisu in which I find that coffee takes too much space, however I love the mascarpone mousse, so I modified the tiramisu in order to obtain a version that suits me better!

I replaced the sponge cake, which was too spongy for my taste, with a flourless almond biscuit, to obtain a cake with more chew.

I lightly soaked this cookie with a light coffee syrup and then added a coffee creamer, which considerably lightened the taste of the coffee that was too strong for me.

The dessert ends with the classic mascarpone mousse and an ivory velvet. In order to replace the cocoa powder that I find “coarse” and without much gustatory interest or even having a negative effect on the tasting, I preferred to zest a coffee bean on top of the entremets in order to recall the classic visual while remaining subtle.

For about 12 individual cakes

Flourless almond biscuit :

92g almond powder
24g ice lolly
31g yellow
25g white
72g vanilla sugar
77g butter
0.5g fleur de sel
16g starch
20g corn starch
2.5g baking powder
103g white
15g sugar

The almond powder, icing sugar, flavoured sugar, yolks and whites are put to rise with the ribbon. Add the starch and melted butter.
The whites are put to rise in the mixer.
The speed of the mixer is increased little by little, when the whites are mounted, tighten with the caster sugar.
Once the egg whites have set and tightened, gently mix the two ingredients together.
Immediately place the biscuit on top and put it in the oven.

Coffee syrup :

150g water
100g sugar
5g soluble coffee

Bring all ingredients to a boil and set aside before assembling.

Creamy coffee Ethiopia :

125g cream
125g milk
10g milk powder
10g coffee beans
40g sugar
40g yellow
21g gelatin mass

Boil the milk, cream, milk powder and crushed coffee. Infuse overnight.
Blanch the yolks with the sugar.
Cook the cream. (like a custard)
Add the swollen gelatine and mix.
Pour into insert mould. Freeze.

Mascarpone mousse :

120g sugar
33g water
67g yellow
63g gelatin mass
285g cream
300g mascarpone

Cook the water and sugar to 118°C and pour over the already beaten yolks, stirring until cool.
Add the melted gelatin to the bomb mixture.
Relax the mascarpone with the cream and whip it up slightly.
Mix the bomb paste with the mascarpone cream mixture, use directly.

White gun apparatus :

150g black cover
150g cocoa butter
Melt the ivory couverture and cocoa butter at 45°C and blend. Filter and use directly.


Cut out about 12 discs of 4 cm diameter from the flourless biscuit. Imbibe in the lightly with coffee syrup.

For the dessert, make an upside down assembly, poach the mousse in the Pavoni “Moon” mould, line the edges, then place the coffee cream insert.

Poach the mousse up to 80% of the mould, place the biscuit on top, smooth and then freeze.

Turn out the frozen dessert, flock with the white spray

Stick a chocolate coffee bean on top, then place a piece of gold leaf. To finish, scrape a coffee bean over the top of the dessert.

The recipe in PDF :

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