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My story

Dimitri Béchez child
Cake workshop with my mother when I was a child

For as long as I can remember, baking has always been a part of my life, I used to bake with my parents, I loved eating the raw dough, licking the dish…

With time, I started to make cakes by myself, for pleasure and to please people…

It wasn’t until I was 14 years old that I began to take this attraction seriously and to launch myself into the professional world. I started my apprenticeship at 15 years old, in September 2008, with a BEP in Pastry, Chocolate and Confectionery in a small country shop which was a terrible disillusionment, most of the pastries were made from all kinds of powders when they did not all arrive frozen, all in a total disregard for the rules of hygiene, when I left this “hell”, I made a promise to myself, never to resemble my first employer and always to make everything myself, respecting the customers.

With Mr. Rafael, my employer for five years.

A bit by chance, I found the perfect opposite of my first employer, an excellent professional, demanding, very generous and above all a true pastry chef!

Then followed the CAP baker in one year, a BTM baker and a Brevet de Maîtrise in a very nice shop in downtown Poitiers (La grange à Pain)

I stayed 5 years with this employer, 5 years during which I was able to improve in all aspects of the trade (baking, pastries, desserts, cakes, ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, catering but also the management of apprentices)

A short interlude in the hotel and restaurant business, then a rather early entry (at 23) in the training where I am currently flourishing.

During a demonstration in China

After launching the BTM Pâtissier training and teaching in Charente, I went to teach in China for the biggest Chinese school where I was able to rub shoulders with great French and international chefs. I came back to France in my home town of Poitiers, where I now teach in the school where I was previously a student, alongside one of my mentors and former teacher, Cyrille Maître.

In post since October 2019 as soon as I return from China, I teach all levels, from CAP Pâtissier to Brevet de Maîtrise via BTM Pâtissier and CAP Chocolatier.

My site is part of my approach to passing on my knowledge, sharing my recipes, my experiences, my successes and failures, trying to offer to others what my teachers, masters of learning and colleagues have given me.

Author of a pastry that wants to be minimalist and thoughtful, I try to analyze each ingredient, each element of a dessert to best match my creations with my expectations.

As a strong supporter of craftsmanship and biodiversity, I only use raw materials in my creations.

Setting up my Brevet de Maîtrise buffet in 2015, under the eyes of my teacher, Cyrille Maître.

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