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Lemon meringue pie V2

Hello to all of you! How are you? I’m doing very well, I’m making good progress on my project, it’s sometimes a bit tiring but I’m very pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the result (I was a bit apprehensive about doing all this work at home without a professional freezer and under an unbearable heat at home but finally it’s paaaaaaasse!)

Today I’m sharing with you the recipe of my revisited lemon meringue pie, the V2 (I’m currently working on a V3). I’ve been wanting to try putting the meringue around the pie for a long time to change the visual aspect of the classic pie.

I garnished this tart with a lemon confit base, a disc of lemon cake to bring chewiness and length in the mouth, then I finished with my favourite lemon cream, I started from two recipes that I liked a lot and I created my own which suits me perfectly 🙂

For about 12 tarts

Sweetened lemon paste :

150g butter
1g fleur de sel
100g icing sugar
25g almond powder
50g eggs
The zest of a yellow lemon
250g flour
Sand the butter with the powders.
Add the eggs all at once and mix.
When the dough is well blended, stop the mixing. Strain the dough and let it rest in the refrigerator.
Lemon confit :

75g candied lemon
10g lime juice
30g lemon juice Drain and rinse the candied peels, blend in a food processor, add the juice little by little.

Lemon cake :

50g butter
25g sugar
2.5g vanilla extract
4g lemon zest
33g milk
0.5g fine salt
20g egg yolks
25g sugar
30g white
25g sugar
67g T55 flour
1.5g baking powder

Emulsify the butter and sugar.
Emulsify the yolks and sugar.
Warm the milk, add the salt and the zest. Add to the two previous weights.
Add the stiffly beaten egg whites with the sugar.
Finish with the sifted powders.
Pour onto a baking sheet and bake at 165°C.

Lemon cream :

200g lemon juice
10g lemon zest
330g sugar
30g starch
270g egg
170g butter
70g ivory cover
22g gelatin mass

Boil the lemon juice and zest.
Pour over the whitened eggs with the sugar and cream powder.
Bake like a pastry chef.
Cool the cream to 40°C.
Emulsify the cream with the butter, the ivory couverture and the gelatine using a blender.
Roll out 12 discs of 7cm diameter and freeze, keep the rest in the fridge before assembly.

Swiss Meringue :

100g egg whites
200g sugar

Heat the egg whites and sugar to 60°C while stirring, rise until cool.
Use immediately.

Yellow glaze:

125g water
300g sugar
187g glucose
250g cream
93g milk powder
88g gelatin mass
125g neutral icing
75g olive oil
Qs. yellow dye

Cook the water, sugar and glucose at 110°C.
Cook with the hot cream and the milk powder.
Add the gelatine mass, the neutral icing and the olive oil, mix.
Add the colouring of your choice.
Allow to set for 24 hours in the refrigerator.
Melt the glaze, use at 30°C.


Roll out the sweet dough to 3mm, and shape the pies into 8cm diameter pieces.
Leave to rest and then cook for about 20 minutes at 160°C.
When the bottoms are cold, dip the edges of the tarts into the Swiss meringue, make peaks and bake at 60°C for about 2 hours.
Place a base of lemon confit in the tartlets and then place a 5cm diameter disc cut from the lemon cake.
Smooth with the lemon cream.
Frost the frozen lemon cream discs with the yellow icing at 35°C.
Place on the tarts.
Decorate with a meringue in the centre and a rolled up lemon peel and a piece of gold leaf.

The recipe in PDF :

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