Team building course (HRM/ Management) BTM Pâtisserie


Discover the courses I wrote for my students in BTM Pâtisserie !

Find 25 illustrated courses, on nearly 200 pages addressing many topics such as:

  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Theories of motivation
  • The organization of teamwork
  • The different learning methods
  • Stress and its effects


Improve your management skills and build a motivated, functional and fulfilled team!


From the preface:

In my courses of Team Leadership (HRM), the approach is much more sociological and “humanistic” than in classical HRM, the emphasis is put on empathy, the well-being of the team, because I have known different types of management, I have been in different types of management, “healthy” companies and others much less recommendable, and those for which I wanted to work and give my all were those where it went well, I think that an employee who feels good will always give a better result than an unhappy employee, so we must try to optimize his happiness.

In the same way, in order to keep an ideal quality of work, it is necessary to be able to keep its employees in order to gain in regularity rather than to change every month, the quality also passes by the regularity and one does not obtain it with teams in perpetual change, it is necessary to be able to keep a base

With a bit of hindsight, I realized that my courses were really much more advanced than BTM courses, so they can be suitable for BTM pastry cooks with a good level of technology as well as for Brevets de Maîtrise and even seasoned professionals.

The advantage of having a pastry chef write these courses is that in the choice of subjects, scenarios and examples chosen, it is much easier to tackle certain subjects because, unlike a teacher specialising in this subject, I have only written this course for pastry chefs, a profession I know and have experience of in shops and in the hotel/restaurant industry. My knowledge is therefore more “specialised” and the choice of courses is affected by this.


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