The chocopoire

Hello to all! How are you? Did you have a good first day of school? Personally mine went rather well, happy to find my students little by little (my students are apprentices and therefore they are not all present on the same weeks) and to find working conditions… Read More »The chocopoire

Pear almond (Recipe)

Hello to all! How are you? Are you lucky enough to be on holiday? I’m doing very well, only one week left before I’m on vacation for a week, during which I hope to be able to get a little ahead in my video editing and translations to… Read More »Pear almond (Recipe)

100% Lemon

Hello to all! How are you? Personally I am at the maximum of the stress at a few hours of a historical final, after having known the years of galley and having been saved from the relegation by the great Amara Diané, the PSG is in final… Read More »100% Lemon

Fresh apple pie

Hello to all! I hope you are well and healthy! Today I’m sharing with you my recipe for fresh apple pie, which unlike the classic apple pie keeps its apples fresh, the pastry being cooked separately and the apples being placed afterwards, so it keeps a “fresher” and… Read More »Fresh apple pie

Individual chocolate and orange entremets

The Chocorange V2

Hello everyone! How are you? Personally, I’m doing very well, I’m almost completely cured of my bad cold and the holidays are coming up (in two weeks for me), I’m getting there! Today I’m sharing with you my new version of the chocorange, a recipe that you liked… Read More »The Chocorange V2


Hello to all! How are you? I’m doing very well, I’ve been waiting for a long time to finally start publishing my new recipes, launching this new “project”. I’ve been sharing a new recipe every week on my website for over two years now, and for about 18… Read More »Abricoco


Hello everyone! I hope you are well! I’m doing great, I have a lot of work to do 😅.Today we start a new cycle of recipes that will last like the previous one 6 weeks during which I will share a new recipe in each usual language 6… Read More »Jasmine